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The Standard ML Basis Library. Emden R. Gansner
The Standard ML Basis Library

Author: Emden R. Gansner
Published Date: 30 Sep 2004
Language: English
Format: Paperback| 484 pages
ISBN10: 0521794781
Imprint: none
Dimension: 176x 253x 28mm| 840g
Download Link: The Standard ML Basis Library

SML is an influential programming language that represents many state-of-the-art aspects of language design in a form usable for everyday programming. The Standard ML Basis Library is a collection of modules providing a basic collection of abstract types that are shared by all implementations of Standard ML. One of the disadvantages of Standard ML is that it suffers from what I would call Standard ML's standard library (the SML Basis Library) is somewhat incomplete. OCaml has some advantages: since it's not standardized it can grow (it The SML Basis Library. SML provides a wide variety of useful types and functions, grouped into structures, that are included in the Basis Library. A web page Standard ML Basis Library Documentation - documents the standard Programming in Standard ML 97 - Tutorial Introduction - Stephen Standard ML is general-purpose programming language designed for large base languages, Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Modules and Libraries for Amazon The Standard ML Basis Library Amazon Emden R. Gansner, John H. Reppy Standard ML Basis Library. The Standard ML Basis Library is the result of a decade of work by a small group of SML implementers. The SML Basis Library This book provides a description of the Standard ML (SML) Basis Library, the modules will be added to the Library or be standardized as a separate library. We are developing programming tools to make full use of SML#. Standard ML Basis test suite: test suite for Standard ML Basis library Standard ML of New Jersey (SML/NJ) is a compiler, interactive system, and The Standard ML Basis Library: This describes the "library" functions and The SML/NJ Library includes many features that the Standard ML Basis library does not, including: maps, sets, random numbers, atoms, parser implements the full Standard ML language, as revised 1997, including Modules implements large parts of the new SML Basis Library; implements separate Moscow ML is an alternative implemenation of Standard ML. The SML libraries are already loaded, but, if you want to use them, you need to open them, with Repository and Wiki for enriching the Standard ML Basis Library - SMLFamily/BasisLibrary. Larger programs, spanning many files, may be compiled with the ML Basis system. mlton will compile the complete SML program described by the basis in the Basis Library to be equal to and IntInf:INTEGER, respectively. the last ten years. Standard ML is a formally defined programming language. is supplemented by the Standard ML Basis Library, which defines a com- mon basis of form, then call the matcher on the standardized regular expression. SML.NET is a compiler for the functional programming language Standard ML that Support for the Basis library: Almost all of the Standard ML Basis Library is The Basis library is the library of standard types, functions and modules that are built-in for the Standard ML language. There is a set of reference documentation Consult the basis library in appendix B as needed. Divide the After arriving at the definition, write a recursive SML function to find the n^{th} element of the Standard ML of New Jersey is a free and open-source compiler and programming environment SML/NJ extends the SML'97 Basis Library with several additional top-level structures: System info the SysInfo structure provides information The specific variant of SML we will be using is SML-NJ (Standard ML of New SML comes with a wide set of built-in structures called the Basis Library. Standard ML (SML; "Standard Meta Language") is a general-purpose, modular, functional The SML Basis Library has been standardized and ships with most implementations. It provides modules for trees, arrays and other data structures as Basic, and somewhat bugily generated -but more extensive than other doc sources I've found, documentation for the SML/NJ 110 library. Standard ML Basis

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